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The team at SPOT Restaurant will always welcome you with a smile.


And who can blame them when they work in such a stunning location!


SPOT is a happy and relaxed working environment and this is what the team hopes to convey to guests. The staff prides itself on friendly, efficient service and every member of the team is proud of where they work.


Meet the personalities that are always busy behind the scenes to create an exceptional dining experience in a laid-back atmosphere. 




Puhelin:  (+372) 600 4977



Ma-To 12-23

Pe-La 12-24

Su 12-22


Riho Heinlaid

Head Chef


Riho seamlessly fuses the freshest seasonal ingredients to create his own humble culinary delights. In his role, Riho also oversees menu creation, kitchen staff management, inventory, and plating.


Riho has had a great love for food since he was young and now enjoys incorporating seasonal ingredients and clean, pure flavors from around the world into his modern dishes bringing a ''taste over trend'' philosophy and healthful twist to each dish. 

Tõnis Merilaid

Service Manager


His vision for SPOT is to create a comfortable meeting place for all the people to enjoy lunch, dinner and everything in between.


Outside of work, Tõnis enjoys visiting new restaurants and spending time with his friends.

Kristin Bezborodkina

Sales Manager-Partner


Kristin oversees all group dining and events in the restaurant. Her favorite part of her job is working the floor and meeting new faces. 


Her favorite aspects of the hospitality industry are the fast paced environment and meeting new people.​​


Outside of work, Kristin enjoys spending time with her daughter, trying new restuarants and her favorite menu items are the SPOT starters which she  enjoys with a glass of Champagne. 

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